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Harmony, Florida Homes for Sale

Harmony, Florida Homes for Sale

Harmony, Florida Homes for Sale

Harmony offers a healthful and life-enhancing environment for its community members.

Miles of trails and walkways, two natural lakes with community owned boats, athletic courts and fields, a championship, International Audubon certified golf course and a community activities program provide an endless list of mentally and physically stimulating things to do for all ages.

Walking is a great way to get around, if its made pleasurable. The compact site plan allows homes to be a safe and convenient walk away from retail and professional services, recreation and work. This activity is not only good for the body, but also helps to promote human interaction and community building. Harmony is one of the few communities in Central Florida where students can easily walk to elementary, middle and high school classes without crossing a major street.

An Open Community Community features belong to the community.

The open space values of Buck and Cat lakes and the Harmony Golf Preserve are considerable and are integrated into the developed areas yet protected from damaging use. These resources are significant enough that they are purposefully not isolated by private lots, but are available to everyone.

As in a traditional town, there are distinctive neighborhoods at Harmony, but none is gate restricted. Instead, a mix of housing styles and sizes makes for an economic and social balance in each neighborhood. We believe that a mix of incomes, races and personal skills make for a strong community and is essential to the future of our society.

A Sense of Place Planning for Harmony reflects its roots in Osceola Countys natural and agricultural heritage; not as a mere historical recollection, but as a functional part of the modern developed community.

Florida provides a globally unique climate that has given it a distinctive landscape and human culture. Though technology has given us the ability to overcome most natural limitations, this can come with a price and a certain amount of loss. Harmonys developed landscape and architecture are inspired by the native

Kissimmee Prairie and Florida flatwoods vegetation and the ranches and settlements of Central Florida in an effort to be in balance with its setting.

Streets and neighborhoods are designed in a neo-traditional manner with natural and man-made boundaries and landmarks to provide community identity. This approach encourages the construction and preservation of buildings, community features and entire neighborhoods that reflect what is important to the community and which therefore will retain their economic vitality and value over time.

Community Building Harmony promotes its lifestyle and builds a sense of community through community scale events.

Seasonal activities such as the Dark Sky Festival, Flag Day Celebration and Harvest Festival are intended to call attention to aspects of life at Harmony that we are especially proud of and want to share with those outside of Harmony. These events bring the entire community together in their preparation and presentation and are excellent ways to foster the small town character and

friendliness that Harmony is known for. While these events are now organized and conducted with strong support from the Harmony Development Co., participation by Harmony residents is encouraged and it is expected that these will become 100 percent community directed.

People in Harmony with Nature People live better when they live in regular contact with animals and nature.

We believe that human health and well being can be promoted through the interaction of people, animals and the environment, as advocated by the mission of the Harmony Institute, and we encourage a better understanding of the effectiveness of these practices through the Institutes efforts to examine them at Harmony. Harmony welcomes pets through its dog parks, Pet Cafe, walking areas and park features and thereby support residents gaining the health benefits that pet ownership and interaction can bring.

Through compact development, Harmony is able to include viable habitat areas and parks within a short walk of every home. Backyard habitats for birds and butterflies are encouraged. A goal of keeping 70 percent of Harmony in open space assures the protection of meaningful blocks and corridors of habitat throughout the community. Miles of trails and nature-based amenities

facilitate the human-nature experience. A professional on-site conservation program assures that a quality environment and wildlife population is maintained and that people are allowed to enjoy them.

Small Footprint Harmony subscribes to the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in its efforts to eliminate waste and promote alternative energy sources.

Efforts are made to reduce the amount of waste generated. This includes not only avoiding the purchase of excess or unneeded materials, but also using materials efficiently.

Any surplus or excess materials are reused where possible. Construction waste is considered and stored for reuse, surplus disposable products are avoided and even surplus buildings and other structures are examined for second uses.

Harmony supports Osceola Countys recycling program for household waste and provides space for a community recycling center. Landscape and mowing waste is either allowed to return to the soil where it was produced or collected for appropriate composting or other reuse.

Alternatives to petroleum-based energy sources are favored and encouraged. This includes such measures as supporting neighborhood scale electronic vehicles in community design and in preferential access and parking and the use of energy conserving equipment, appliances and operational practices. Capturing solar and geo-thermal energy is demonstrated through practical uses such as domestic water heating, community pool warming, and electrical generation.

Sustaining Resources Harmony strives to sustain its natural systems so that our grandchildren can get the same benefits that we enjoy.

Buck and Cat lakes are managed in a hands-off style: the shorelines are protected in their natural conditions and the only artificial things introduced to them are access walkways, community owned boats and fishing lines.

A network of treatment ponds cleans street and yard storm runoff and protects the quality of our wetlands and groundwater. Irrigation controls on public and private lands are responsive to landscape growing conditions and conserve water resources.

Street lighting, residential lighting and commercial lighting are provided in a way that protects the darkness and starshine of our night skies.

Every home is built to Energy Star or better standards to conserve energy. Harmony is planned to provide a convenient mix of land uses so its residents will be able to realize the potential to meet most daily needs within a short distance of their homes. The goal is to make walking, cycling or neighborhood type vehicles a viable first choice for transportation.

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